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We offer a variety of craft classes for Grade 1 to Grade 4 students. Our courses come with assessments that follow the Ontario Curriculum, making it easy for educators to reflect on student learning. All our workshops are led by an experienced and certified Ontario teacher. 

Our courses are planned to allow for different learning styles and abilities; and they lead to the completion of a fun product for students to take home. Students benefit from learning technical skills through our workshops and also improve their fine motor skills, problem solving, critical thinking skills and over-all confidence as they learn to take pride in their very own creations.

Our programs are divided into two categories:

(i) Individual Classes - educators sign up for one craft workshop at a time. Our individual classes run between 1 to 2 hours, depending on the craft.

(ii) Craft Series - educators can choose a minimum of three crafts courses to be delivered over a chosen schedule.

We are currently offering the following craft workshops:

- Stitching

-Wood sanding/painting



-Glass Painting

Our prices are based on number of participants, craft selection and program type.

We travel to venues all over the Greater Toronto Area. Please contact us to request a course curriculum for our craft workshops.