• Insiya J

Why are crafts so important?

Every time you see a child, you're looking at a mind that is ready to absorb all manners of education. It doesn't matter what the child's abilities are, their health, family, genetics, race, gender. None of these things have any affect on a child's curiosity and desire to learn and understand. What does matter is how engaging a child's environment is. A positive environment will allow a child to use his/her mind, learn new things, experiment and understand themselves. A negative environment will stifle that.

The cool thing is, every negative environment has a way out. You just need to show a little love and care and a child will respond.

The even cooler thing is this: crafts are the ultimate equalizer. Provide a child with the opportunity to play with crafts, and any learning strategy they have, any behavioural type they are, they will be able to accomplish an end goal. Their creativity will shine as they try to figure out how to manipulate materials to create something on their own. They will learn patience and problem-solving, because they will hit an obstacle while creating. They will gain confidence and self-esteem, as they attempt to solve their problems and move forward on their creations. And they will find pride in themselves, when they accomplish their goal. And in crafts, their goal is whatever they want it to be, not what someone else determines it to be.

Just let it sink in for a second all the sophisticated skills children gain when they participate in crafts. It really does not matter who they were before they start a craft, all that matters is who they are in that moment, as they learn to create and play.

So next time you want to provide children with a strong lesson or activity, consider a craft. Or consider us.

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