• Insiya J

When they take over.

A few days ago, I had a jar of paint, a paintbrush and some wood out, waiting to experiment. Along came a 2-year-old highly impatient toddler, opened the jar of pain, and started causing havoc. Initial reaction: panic. “Look at all that mess she’s causing!” I took a deep breath, observed the newly formed paint monster and grabbed the camera. I was awed by the incredible things her tiny little mind was thinking of. She clearly didn’t want to wait for mama’s instructions on how to go about this activity. She was fine with experimenting on her own.

I watched as she took the paintbrush full of paint and splattered it all over the wood, the table and her arms, painting with a focused fervour, unaware of the clicking camera or my cringing face. She turned her hands into stamps, the table into a mixing palette and her arms into very, very, very, messy wiping rags.

It was clear all the skills she was developing as she participated in this impromptu activity. Her fine motor skills were improving; her curiosity was raised. She worked on solving problems; “Why is my palm stamp showing only one finger?” and “how much paint do I need on my hands to create a proper stamp?” She indulged in some patience and perseverance as she tried to figure out all these questions. And when she was done, her confidence shined brightly on her face, proud of her accomplishment and enjoying the delight mama showed at her artwork.

See how amazing arts and crafts are?

A completed palm print!

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