• Insiya J

The Parent Expo

SquiggleCrafts attended its first expo at the Parent Expo. It was Toronto's first learning centric expo and we were delighted to be a part of it.

SquiggleCraft's booth at the Parent Expo

Our booth was set up with some cool, fun craft activities for children to participate in and let's just say they went a bit wild with it! We had so much fun watching all these awesome, creative children take over. Some of them were a little young for our activities, but that didn't stop them and we loved it.

We learned a lot about what would benefit Toronto, and what communities and parents are looking for in craft activities. And we can't wait to implement all the ideas we had through our many conversations.

We also had a lot of interest in our craft kits, and dear readers, that's what started SquiggleCrafts to begin with! We are creating our own craft kits, for use by parents, teachers and educators to provide children with a holistic approach to learning and developing. So if you want to know more about our kits, contact us!

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