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Helping Parents During Covid-19

The world is in turmoil. We are all scared, anxious, worried. Our cities are shut down, schools closed and lives isolated. It is all for the greater good, to stop the spread of this devastating virus.

Many parents are trying their best to keep their children busy and distracted from the constant scary news. There are many educational resources that will help parents ensure their children continue learning.

To that end, SquiggleCrafts aims to be one of many resources for parents and children. We are offering a limited supply of our puppet making kits. They are great for improving fine motor skills, learning new crafts and encouraging imaginative play. We recommend them for children aged 6 and up; however with some adult supervision, children as young as 4 years will enjoy our kits.

A stack of craft kits
SquiggleCraft's colourful kits

As a small business, we are affected by COVID-19, and therefore cannot restock. We only have a few kits available, so get yours before they run out. To keep things simple, we have them stocked on our ETSY page at

Subscribe to our blog as we will be posting free supplementary activities and lessons you can do with our kits. We are also working super hard to ready our next product hopefully within the next few weeks, so you can have a chance to test out a brand new activity at a drastically reduced price.

We wish you all the best in these trying times and hope that you are healthy, safe and minimally affected.



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