• Insiya J

How sewing is helping in this pandemic.

As health care workers struggle to keep themselves safe with limited supplies of personal protective equipment, a great number of masks are being stitched and donated to local hospitals in Toronto (click here). It is beautiful to see how the community is coming together to help in every way possible. For SquiggleCrafts, it is particularly gratifying that these basic skills such as sewing are being put to use in a way that could help save lives.

SquiggleCrafts was created on the foundation that it is necessary for our future generations to be well-rounded in their knowledge. This means learning everything from technology and engineering, to design and crafting.

Our first set of products - the puppets - help introduce sewing to young children in an imaginative and creative way. Children will not even realize that they are learning an essential life skill as they sew their own puppet.

And one day when these children grow up, their well-rounded education will create a society that will be even better than ours; with more innovation, better connections and fewer struggles.

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