• Insiya J

The freezing penguin!

Penguins are seriously cool creatures. Literally. They live in Antarctica, where there's nothing but ice and glaciers and extremely cold water to swim in. Penguins are amazing swimmers and love catching fish to feed their families.

Your Perky Penguin needs a home, so let's build it one.

You will need:

  • A box

  • Scissors

  • Paper

  • Paint/crayons

  1. Take some white paper and cut out some funky icebergs. Stick them on the side of the box.

  2. Measure a strip of paper that will go around the box and colour it blue so that it looks like water. Stick over the icebergs.

3. Create a sky for your box if it has a lid. You can make a stormy sky, a sunny sky or a cloudy sky.

4. Put a white piece of paper inside your box, so that it looks like snow. You can also add cotton wool or rocks for your penguin to rest on.

5. Congratulations! Your penguin has an awesome, icy home to live in.

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