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Themed Activities by SquiggleCrafts

Over the last few weeks, we've been designing quick themed activities for kids. Something to keep them busy for a while at a very affordable price.

Our first themed kit was so popular that we sold out almost immediately. We had created a mosaic Eid kit for Muslim children celebrating a holiday while under lockdown. We got great feedback on it and once we replenish our supplies, we'll attempt to create other activities with our mosaic kits.

Currently, we have our Sand Art Canada Day kit available for sale. This kit is aimed for younger children between the ages of 3- 8 years. The kit is designed to engage children with a new sensory medium as they play with colourful sand*. They will learn how to stick it on irregular shapes and as I observed play, I also discovered children had different ways of adapting the instructions to suit their needs. Some used pinches of sand and placed them carefully. Others dumped all the sand in and then weeded out what was not needed. It has been incredible to watch how children learn and play.

Our kit is available for the next 2 weeks within the Toronto region. To order, email us at, or DM us on our instagram account @squigglecrafts.

* This kit is designed to be safe and therefore our sand is actually food grade salt that is coloured. This way even if young children put it in their mouth as they are sometimes wont to do, they will not be harmed.

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