• Insiya J

Where's the magestic lion?

We've finally reached the end of our habitat series! Our incredible lion is the final puppet we have. He's a stunning creature that inspires awe and fear wherever he goes.

Lions are found in the hot plains of Africa, most often lounging around under the cool shade of acacia trees.

Let's build your lion a hot and cozy home.

You will need:

  • A box

  • Scissors

  • Paper

  • Paint/crayons

1. Draw and cut out acacia trees to put on your box. Paint them. Make sure they have a nice wide shade for the lions to sleep under.

2. Paint a strip of long grass to put around the box. Stick the acacia trees and grass strip on the sides of the box.

3. On a piece of paper draw some grass and maybe a lake or river for your lion. You can also add some rocks and flowers; anything you think your lion might like!

4. Draw a sky for your lion's home in the African plains.

Congratulations, your lion's absolutely beautiful home is ready!

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