Where creativity and growth meet.

Welcome to a world of accomplishment, pride, wonder and learning. Welcome to SquiggleCrafts, where your favourite little creators learn what it means to build something from scratch, using their hands and ingenuity.

We design craft kits that turn children into manufacturers and inventors, where they use the tools we provide to create something they can be proud of. Every craft we design is aimed at introducing and teaching our creators integral life skills that they can apply to other projects. We hope to open their minds to the many wonderful creative possibilities that crafts offer.

The best we can offer the next generation of inventors, scientists, artists, entrepreneurs and teachers is to provide them with a well-rounded childhood; and we at SquiggleCrafts hope to make that monumental task just a bit easier.


Insiya Jivajee

Hi! My name is Insiya. I started SquiggleCrafts with the goal of offering children exciting and fun craft opportunities, without parents and educators having to break the bank. Life’s busy, we all know it. And sometimes we wish we had the time to expose our children to new hobbies and activities.

My mission is to make it simple for parents and educators to offer children a holistic approach to learning and growing. I believe crafts allow children to develop and grow important skills such as self-confidence, pride, patience and motivation. I live for those moments where children realize their potential and find pride in their learning and creation.

I’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you have. Drop me a line anytime at: hello@squigglecrafts.com

Proudly Made in Canada 


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